December 18, 2009

Rob Morrison at ‘re-launch’ of Aust Science Communicators (sa chapter) at RiAus

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Earlier this week, Dr Rob Morrison delivered a brief prose in the style of C.P. Snow, in which he examined the ill-health and work ethic (amongst other things) of Charles Darwin. This was part of the re-launch of the South Australian Chapter of the Australian Science Communicators association, held at the beautifully refubished RiAus.

Darwin Illness

View more presentations from fang.

December 11, 2009

Why you should study Science at the University of Adelaide

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The Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide offers a wide range of study options. Whether you want to learn about agriculture, chemistry, genetics, geology or marine biology there is something for you in the Faculty of Sciences.

Listen to Studying Science to find out more about some careers you may never have associated with Science!

Wanna sync your iPhone with Oracle Calendar???

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Have you been driven crazy recently as you attempt with futile exhaustion to synchronise your lovely new iPhone with the University’s standard calendar setup, Oracle?? Well I was! But it turns out there IS a solution. Albeit, not free.

You’ll need to purchase an app called “Todo+Cal+Sync” from the iTunes store:

It costs about $17 or so I think….

Anyway, follow this link for specific setup instructions for the University of Adelaide: Setup Guide


December 7, 2009

Podcast:From the Big Bang to the Dark Side of the Universe

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Are there completely new groups of particles as suggested by supersymmetry? What is the nature of astrophysical dark matter? What are the fundamental particles of Nature and how do they compose the world in which we live?

If you missed this exciting lecture, you can listen to it on our podcast.

Lecture: “Modern Subatomic Physics: From the Big Bang to the Dark Side of the Universe ”

Speaker: Professor Tony Thomas, Australian Laureate Fellow and Elder Professor of Physics at the University of Adelaide

Podcast: “Modern Subatomic Physics: From the Big Bang to the Dark Side of the Universe ”

December 3, 2009

School of Agriculture, Food and Wine shines…

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…at the ARC Research Showcase

Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President, Professor Mike Brooks attended the Australian Research Council’s annual research showcase and grant announcement event at Parliament House on Monday 26 October. The Showcase display, designed by Adelaide Research & Innovation, featured agricultural research success stories, including special tasting samples of the baking benefits of FR Durum Wheat by Colin Jenner and developments in almond breeding quality and yield by Michelle Wirthensohn, all projects currently under investigation at the University’s Waite Campus. Professor Mike Brooks, together with Professor Mark Tester also had the opportunity to discuss the new Plant Accelerator development with Senator the Hon Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.

Below is an image featuring Minister Carr and Mark Tester.

Dr Clancy James-AIP National Bragg Gold Medal Winner

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The 2010 Australian Institute of Physics Bragg Gold Medal for Excellence in Physics has been awarded to Dr Clancy James.  This Medal is awarded to a student from an Australian University creating the best PhD thesis.

Clancy’s thesis, “Ultra-High Energy Particle Detection with the Lunar Cherenkov Technique” focused on the LUNASKA project, searching for the astrophysical neutrinos produced when an ultra high energy particle interacts in the Moon’s outer layers.

Congratulations Clancy!