June 11, 2010

World Cup Soccer Ball – the Physics of the Jabulani

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The 2010 World Cup is about to commence and there has been a lot of speculation on the accuracy of the new soccer ball. The University of Adelaide’s Professor Derek Leinweber decided to take a closer look this new ball (Jabulani) to investigate further.

If you missed Professor Derek Leinweber’s lecture on the physics behind the new ball, listen to the podcast.


April 15, 2010

ASELL Science Workshop

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The ASELL Science Workshop was held on the 6th-9th of April 2010 at the University of Adelaide. It involved the disciplines biology, chemistry and physics. Universities were invited to send 2-person teams (one academic and one student). Thes workshop included a mixture of discussions and laboratory-based activities. Each team showcased one experiment from its home institution. Up to 4 teams from each institution per discipline were allowed to attend. Institutions were encouraged to submit experiments they considered good or experiments that needed major improvement.

Listen to the podcast from the workshop.

January 19, 2010

IPAS hosts Harvard University Physics Professor

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Professor Eric Mazur the Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Harvard University visited Adelaide University yesterday to present his talk “Nonlinear optics at the nanoscale” at IPAS.

We hear it on good authority (Mike Seyfang) that this was a most interesting and exciting talk by Professor Mazur. Click here for more information.

December 7, 2009

Podcast:From the Big Bang to the Dark Side of the Universe

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Are there completely new groups of particles as suggested by supersymmetry? What is the nature of astrophysical dark matter? What are the fundamental particles of Nature and how do they compose the world in which we live?

If you missed this exciting lecture, you can listen to it on our podcast.

Lecture: “Modern Subatomic Physics: From the Big Bang to the Dark Side of the Universe ”

Speaker: Professor Tony Thomas, Australian Laureate Fellow and Elder Professor of Physics at the University of Adelaide

Podcast: “Modern Subatomic Physics: From the Big Bang to the Dark Side of the Universe ”

December 3, 2009

Dr Clancy James-AIP National Bragg Gold Medal Winner

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The 2010 Australian Institute of Physics Bragg Gold Medal for Excellence in Physics has been awarded to Dr Clancy James.  This Medal is awarded to a student from an Australian University creating the best PhD thesis.

Clancy’s thesis, “Ultra-High Energy Particle Detection with the Lunar Cherenkov Technique” focused on the LUNASKA project, searching for the astrophysical neutrinos produced when an ultra high energy particle interacts in the Moon’s outer layers.

Congratulations Clancy!