December 12, 2008

Change of Preference Information

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Still unsure if you’ve made the right choice?

For anyone who has applied for a University of Adelaide Faculty of Science degree in 2009, and is now unsure if they have selected the right program, check out this informative podcast about the different options available. It’s not too late to change!

Change Your Preference?

For more help, please contact the Faculty of Sciences.


December 9, 2008

Sustainability Postgraduate Coursework Programs

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Increasingly, sustainability – environmental, social and economic – is becoming a core objective of governments, organisations and businesses around the world. Sustainability requires the integration of many disciplines and spheres of interest, each with a unique set of concepts, paradigms and approaches. The new postgraduate program in sustainability at the University of Adelaide features the multidisciplinary perspective that is so critical to addressing the complex challenges of the future. The curriculum incorporates views and courses from every Faculty and many disciplines at the University. Topics include the science of climate change, sustainable resource management, policy and legislative frameworks for global change, sustainable energy technologies, social responsibility, community engagement and more.

View the Program brochure for more information, or visit the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.


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