February 10, 2010

Paying their way

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David Sly recently interviewed Dr Bob Hill about the Faculty of Sciences’ commercial partnerships. These partnerships have yeilded millions of dollars in research funding for the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide and this in turn has allowed the Faculty to recruit the best of the best from around the world. A few examples include Professor Andy Lowe from the UK who heads up the Australian Centre for Evolutionary Biology & Biodiversity which focuses on plant change biology; Professor Corey Bradshaw, Research Director of Ecological Modelling who is conducting joint research with South Australian Research and Development Institute at West Beach; Professor Barry Brook, director of the Research Institute for Climate Change & Sustainability, whose blog BraveNewPlanet has attracted more than 500,000 hits.

Read the Adelaide Review article for more details.

Please note the following important fact corrections for the article:

  • The Faculty of Science attracted approximately $60 million, not $160 million through research grants in 2009
  • The correct title and spelling of Professor Tanya Monro’s surname (not Dr Munro). Dr Monro heads up the Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing (IPAS)

January 19, 2010

Climate Change & the Wine industry in 2010

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“Research indicating that greenhouse gases produced by humans are very likely to have contributed to the recent warming of the climate, and that concentrations of these gases are projected to increase in the future, is to me compelling and, of course, central to my work. I do not think any person working in the wine industry can deny how important climate is to their product……so I believe an understanding of the changing climate, and potential implications of this, is essential to the future of this industry”. Dr Leanne Webb, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Melbourne/CSIRO

Listen to Dr Leanne Webb’ s lecture, ‘Climate change: Current status and future strategies for the Australian wine industry‘ on:

Date/Time: Monday, 15 February 2010, 4:00 pm

Location: Plant Research Centre Auditorium, Waite Campus

Cost: FREE

School of Agriculture, Food & Wine Named Lecture Series: The Robyn van Heeswijck Lecture 2010

December 18, 2009

Rob Morrison at ‘re-launch’ of Aust Science Communicators (sa chapter) at RiAus

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Earlier this week, Dr Rob Morrison delivered a brief prose in the style of C.P. Snow, in which he examined the ill-health and work ethic (amongst other things) of Charles Darwin. This was part of the re-launch of the South Australian Chapter of the Australian Science Communicators association, held at the beautifully refubished RiAus.

Darwin Illness

View more presentations from fang.

December 7, 2009

Podcast:From the Big Bang to the Dark Side of the Universe

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Are there completely new groups of particles as suggested by supersymmetry? What is the nature of astrophysical dark matter? What are the fundamental particles of Nature and how do they compose the world in which we live?

If you missed this exciting lecture, you can listen to it on our podcast.

Lecture: “Modern Subatomic Physics: From the Big Bang to the Dark Side of the Universe ”

Speaker: Professor Tony Thomas, Australian Laureate Fellow and Elder Professor of Physics at the University of Adelaide

Podcast: “Modern Subatomic Physics: From the Big Bang to the Dark Side of the Universe ”

December 3, 2009

Dr Clancy James-AIP National Bragg Gold Medal Winner

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The 2010 Australian Institute of Physics Bragg Gold Medal for Excellence in Physics has been awarded to Dr Clancy James.  This Medal is awarded to a student from an Australian University creating the best PhD thesis.

Clancy’s thesis, “Ultra-High Energy Particle Detection with the Lunar Cherenkov Technique” focused on the LUNASKA project, searching for the astrophysical neutrinos produced when an ultra high energy particle interacts in the Moon’s outer layers.

Congratulations Clancy!

November 27, 2009

Naked Scientist visits Waite

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‘Naked Scientists’ Chris Smith recently visited the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at the Waite campus to interview  Prof. Mark Tester about the great research going on there.

The podcast, ‘Science Down Under’  is ready for download right now.

November 17, 2009

Exploding stars discovered across universe reveal astonishing fact…

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Want to know more?

Keys to universe logo

Then come along to the Keys to the Universe public lecture presented by The University of Adelaide’s School of Chemistry & Physics on Thursday 19 November at 6.30pm, Union Hall

ASTONISHING FACT REVEALED: The expansion of the Universe is speeding up!  Learn about how the universe is dominated by a mysterious “dark energy” that drives cosmic acceleration.

image of Robert Kirshner

The esteemed Professor Robert P. Kirshner from Harvard University will present his exciting lecture – “Exploding Stars and the Accelerating Cosmos: Einstein’s Blunder Undone”

Venue, Time & Date: Union Hall, 6:30pm Thursday 19th November 2009

November 15, 2009

2009 Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Honours Student Presentations

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It may have been Friday 13th and 40 degrees outside but the atmosphere in the Benham lecture theatre was one of quiet anticipation.

8 slightly nervous Honours students presented their final seminars to their peers, staff and supporters. Questions were handled with aplomb and there was mass sigh of relief once if was all over was!

Congratulations to Jess, Belinda, Corey, Chris, Adam, Liz, Sarah and Imogen!

2009 honours students

Belinda Gordon, Chris Butcher and Liz Maciunas

Honours student and supervisor

Corey Barrett and Assoc. Prof Sue Carthew

November 13, 2009

Pandamonium hits the University of Adelaide

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Over 100 University of Adelaide students hope to become volunteers at Adelaide Zoo in the coming months.

The eager students recently attended a briefing session held in Union Hall and hosted by Zoos SA staff. In conjunction with the University of Adelaide, Zoos SA has been running a recruitment drive for volunteers with Chinese language skills or an interest in animals to cope with the anticipated increase in visitors when the Giant Pandas Wang Wang and Funi arrive later this year.

At the briefing the students were given an insight into what it means to be a volunteer at Adelaide Zoo, including what a typical day might involve. The students, once trained and qualified, will become members of the general volunteer pool and will perform a number of duties around the Zoo. The University of Adelaide is generously covering a number of costs for the student volunteers including their membership with the Royal Zoological of SA and special uniforms sporting the university crest. Next time you visit Adelaide Zoo, remember to look out for one of our student volunteer guides!

 picture of Chris West and university zoo volunteers

Picture L to R: Trevor Klein (volunteer and member of the Guide Training team), Sarah Brown (Director, Visitor Experience) and Ngareta Cronin (Manager, Volunteers Program) from Zoos SA join Robyn Brown (Director, Development and Alumni) from the University of Adelaide at the student volunteer briefing.

September 28, 2009

Kate Selway – There’s More To It

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The Department of Trade and Economic Development (DTED) have launched their campaign “There’s more to it“.

The campaign is designed to promote career pathways into professional, para-professional and trade roles in the defence, resources and technology industries and is targeted at year 9 & 10s state-wide.

Kate Selway is a graduate of the University of Adelaide and a winner of the 2008 Young Achiever of the Year award. She is currently working as a Research Associate in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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