November 17, 2009

Exploding stars discovered across universe reveal astonishing fact…

Posted in Adelaide, news, science, seminar at 6:06 am by cascius

Want to know more?

Keys to universe logo

Then come along to the Keys to the Universe public lecture presented by The University of Adelaide’s School of Chemistry & Physics on Thursday 19 November at 6.30pm, Union Hall

ASTONISHING FACT REVEALED: The expansion of the Universe is speeding up!  Learn about how the universe is dominated by a mysterious “dark energy” that drives cosmic acceleration.

image of Robert Kirshner

The esteemed Professor Robert P. Kirshner from Harvard University will present his exciting lecture – “Exploding Stars and the Accelerating Cosmos: Einstein’s Blunder Undone”

Venue, Time & Date: Union Hall, 6:30pm Thursday 19th November 2009


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