September 23, 2009

Vice Chancellors Cup – the Faculties compete!

Posted in Adelaide, news, social at 7:16 am by cminge

VC_cup1 Running shoes replaced textbooks when the University of Adelaide’s five academic faculties lined up against each other to compete for the inaugural Vice-Chancellor’s Cup!

The footrace through the North Terrace Campus was the culmination of a week-long Inter-Faculty Active Recreation Week, from September 7 to 11.

Congratulations to the winning Faculty of Engineering, Maths & Computer Science, who were presented with the Vice-Chancellor’s Cup trophy!

Loosely based on the 1980s Hugh Hudson film Chariots Of Fire, the race locally will be called ‘The Lions of Adelaide’ and, reminiscent of the film, the runners were dressed in white with designated faculty colours across their chests.

The Inter-Faculty Active Recreation Week is being organised by the Adelaide University Sports Association to boost some healthy inter-faculty rivalry, raise awareness of the Association’s clubs and activities and to promote the benefits of active recreation and a healthy lifestyle. VC_cup2


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