July 6, 2009

Harold Woolhouse Lecture 2009

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The 2nd Harold Woolhouse Lecture is named in honour of the former Director of the Waite Agricultural Research Institute and is hosted by the School of Agriculture, Food & Wine.  Presenting a seminar titled ‘Evolution of patterning genes in land plants’ is Prof John Bowman ARC Federation Fellow, Monash University/UC Davis. Professor Bowman has investigated the history of genes involved in establishing leaf polarity in the model plant Arabidopsis.  Expression and functional studies in early diverging lineages of land plants provide clues as to ancestral functions, and thus to the evolution of land plant morphology. Professor Bowman will discuss how the ancestral roles of patterning genes may lie in interactions with environmental parameters critical in the transition from an aquatic algal ancestor to a land plant.

bowmanDate: Monday 3rd August, 2009
Time: 4pm
Location: Plant Research Centre Auditorium, Waite Campus
Cost: FREE

For more information contact Dr Amanda Able or visit the School of Agriculture, Food & Wine website.


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