November 26, 2008

Faculty of Science Front Page News

Posted in Adelaide, Research, science, social at 4:45 am by cminge

No only are the amazing successes of the scientists from the University of Adelaide’s Faculty of Sciences regularly celebrated in the Uni’s publication the Adelaidean (see the story PM’s science prize shines light on research about the work of the Centre for Expertise in Photonics), but the Faculty’s own clever amateur photographers are providing some of these beautiful images to share with the world! In this case, the photo of the “Laser Bone” was taken by Wayne England from the School of Chemistry and Physics.
Laser Bone!

What’s especially nifty is that by providing a link to the version of the image on the flickr website, the Adelaidean is encouraging comment and interaction with the image, as well as enabling download of various resolutions of the picture. This is because flickr images are licensed openly, so that anyone can freely use them in presentations / websites / blogposts, whatever – just so long as “attribution” is provided, as done by the Adelaidean. Check out Creative Commons for more information on this.


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